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HCAMS provides services to individuals with substance abuse and other behavioral health problems that are affecting their work, health, and/or personal lives. Our services include assessment, intervention, placement, case management, and recovery advocacy.

Sometimes the people who are having problems seek our assistance directly. More often, we receive requests for help from those around the person, such as family members, a union, a church, an employer, or a physician. We provide support, education, and guidance to the individuals as well as to those who refer them for assistance. We focus not only in the placement of those who need treatment but also in advocating for their employment, legal, and medical rights.

The problems we address include:

square Stress-related conditions
square Depression and anxiety disorders
square Alcohol and other drug dependencies
square Addictions of all kinds
square Eating disorders
square Job stress related to a medical condition

square Low energy / Sleeplessness
square Prescription medication dependency
square Chronic physical or emotional pain
square Adolescent and/or family problems
square Dysfunctional/alcoholic families
square Excessive weight loss and gain

4/17/2015 - Gene Sharp Discusses Budget Cuts to NJ Education System

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10/25/2013 - HCAMS and CWA13500

 Janet Gerhard and Katie Rodebaugh address the CWA 13500 convention in Pittsburgh Pennsylvania.  The topic was bullying in the workplace and hostile work environments.   HCAMs thanks CWA for the kind invitation.

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